Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Time

KSG and Jenny went up the hill
To smoke some marijuana
KSG got high and dropped his fly
and said do you wanna
Jenny said yes and dropped her dress
and they had lots of fun
But Jenny forgot to take the pill
and now they got a son.


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!! Kay ass gee sucks big time.

  2. Kutta Gober is a Lesbian.......Jenny and KSG enjoy lesbian sex.

  3. disgusting!!!
    utterly disgusting!!
    All this is done by the shilpa fans who have stooped so low!!

  4. Hahahhahaha just because they posted the truth about winget here, you jenifer fans drag Shilpa into the fray. ROFL. I'm sure Shilpa's fans must have moved on from this crap fest ages ago but you guys find the need to blame her and her fans for everything :P

    PS-werent Shilpa fans called KaSh fans? Why would they abuse KSG in that case?
    PPS- @ Anonymous 2-what's a Shilpa? Muhahaha just somme actress jenifer fans love bitching about :P

  5. how disgusting can shilpa fans get?
    they made a blog first and write all pathetic cheap things about all the actors including ksg,jenny and karan wahi!!
    only shilpa fans can do such shameful activities!!
    shame on them and there disgusting behaviour!!

  6. ROFL now who the fuck is Shilpa??? Only god knows how many stars i've been accused of being a fan of.

    Ya'll know I don't like it when my credit goes on to some GodKnowsWho Fan club. For the last time, get outta my blog if you don't like it. Don't waste ur some for dreaming about sleeping with GayAssJee.
    I don't belong to any fuckin fan club neither am I Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi or KSG himself.


  7. How annoying can Kajar fans get. First of all they are fan of Kutta Gober and Bhootni Jennifer and are definite ugly loosers.

    So a tip to Ugly Kajar fans. have a lesbian orgy bitches because no man in his right man gonna fuck your ugly asses.

  8. cheap ppl how disgusting can they stoop!!!
    ugly filthy comments on this blog!

  9. i hate ksg, jennifer..

    i adooore shilpa... she ws d best actor in d whole damn dmg drama.... !!

    no wonder dmg flopped after she left !!!

    jennifer SUCKS !! she wus jus in d show to gt lusty wit KSG

  10. I think ksg and jenny rock infact Kajen were the saving grace of dmg!!
    Shilpa came in and ruined everything,the show shut shop coz of her!!
    hate her!
    And this blog needs to be banned!
    coz it is highly disgusting!

  11. @Anonymous-u really are as stupid as the rest of the Ka jerk fans. Shilpa was the FIRST Riddhima, she was the one who got dmg all the success and fame. When that donkey winget came, the show's popularity declined so much that the makers had to BEG Shilpa to come back. Then of course, jenny got insecure as usual and Dmg ended coz of the cheap,dirty antics of Kajar. It ended with it's TRPs reaching an all time low and even winget's cheapness couldn't save it.
    Btw, you Kajars loveeeee cheap,disgusting scenes,people and shows so you should in fact, love this blog :P

  12. @AP Get lost you shilpit fans are behind this disgusting blog!!go get a life!!
    THat women was kicked out of dmg for good!!
    go get a life!!!
    its time for her to get retired!

  13. shilpa wus awesomest!!!
    dmg even made ksg fall for her shilpa wen she returnd!! bt ofcrs jennifer got complex dt her male-whore ksg ws attratcd towrds shilpa,
    so poor dmg team had to end shilpa's character!
    eewwness is jennifer-ksg personified !!

  14. how disgusting can shilpa fans get???????????????/
    how disgusting is this blog???????//
    really disappointing and dirty behaviour from shilpa fans

  15. Could u kids go fight somewhere else please?

    and FYI, if this blog was disgusting, it wouldn't get 10,000 views so quick :)

    and again Im repeating...WHO THE HELL IS SHILPA? Accusing me of being a fan of someone I don't even know? hahahaha good going. I bet there isn't any fan group with such less IQ.
    KSG must be so proud of ya'all :)

  16. the only disgusting people are the people who support KSG who is 10 timer kameena