Monday, February 21, 2011

Armaania Hazard Zone!


Save yourself and your loved ones from an attack of the deadly "Armaania"!!

This KSG fever is turning normal people into manical axe weilding zombies. The symptoms begin to surface with excessive viewing of a ridiculous show called DMG. Followed by a serious case of fawning, gushing, drooling and day dreaming.

Arm yourself with this information and stay safe because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! And with great power comes great responsibility, therefore we at KDS take upon this responsibility to save the world from KSG! More Power to you!!

Armaania's 7 Deadly Sins (symptom):

1) Anger
"Why is KSG not on TV right now? Why do they have to air other stupid shows? Who cares about the tsunami and cricket!!!"

2) Greed
"I want KSG to be mine forever! I want KSG to marry me 100 times! I want to get KSG to get hundred surgeries with me so that we look like twins, forever! I want to be KSG!!!"

3) Sloth
"KSG is my god, I don't need to do anything else in life. Everyone else can go to hell!"

4) Pride
"Wow! He got a 5th nose job and three new plastic abs!! I'm so proud of my KSG!"

5) Lust
"KSG is my leader, my guide. He does not believe in love, so nor do I... I lust KSG!"

6) Envy
"I wish all the people who like KSG disappear to Pluto....! Why does he not look at me like he looks at KW???"

7) Gluttony
"I've watched each episode of DMG 8,956 times... I-am-an-addict!"


  1. Dude, you are a Legend. I have been seriously advicing the so called KSGian to visit your blog if they want to be cured and be regarded as normal people.

  2. What a legend!!!! I hope your blog treats the people because they are mental and they need to be treated ;D