Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hamari MaanGAY Poori Karo!

LOL sorry for the break I took guys. Might not be able to update that frequently now. But will  try my best to do it on weekends. Here is another creation by one of our most dedicated KDSians.

Valentine's Day Special <3

So yeah, Happy Valentines day guys :) Thanks for all the votes. I won't delete this blog.

Oh and yesterday KDS grew 1 week older hahah...Can't thank you guys enough for contributing to such a healthy growth :P

Take care and keep visiting.


  1. Whoever hav made dis Blog is really doing a too good job..:):):)
    KSG phangals really needs a lesson.. LOL

  2. why thank you Anonymous and Rukhsar! :)