Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emails from you guys!!!

So thank you all for all the comments, questions, and suggestions you have been forwarding me on KDSians@gmail.com

But I wanted to address a couple issues popping up alot in my mailbox.

First of all thanks ALOOOOT for all the fan mails such as
"OMG What is your name? or should I call you einstein ? Dude you have created the best site in the history of websites do you know that? its very nice meeting you .And I wanna hug you for giving birth to such an awesome and controversial baby"
Thank you for KDS its freakin amazing and totally Cooool"
Really appreciate it :)

Although most of the emails try go get information out of me about who I am...and the answer is "Quit trying!"... I am known as MKM and intend to be known as that for the rest of my life lol

Alot of you wanted me to turn on anonymous comments. That has been done :D now feel free to comment whatever u want!

A few emails addressed the post I made here - http://ksgdestructionsquad.blogspot.com/2011/02/now-now-now.html
Apparently I was too hard on Indian-forums users, and I agree..I apologize for that since I realize most of u are coming from there :) so long live Indian-forums and thanks everyone from there for frequently visiting.

Lastly, a couple of u(who were not KSG fans) want me to take the site down as it "spreads negativity". I totally understand, but I can't listen to these 2-3 people's plea and upset the other thousands, can I? so I decided to put a poll up on the right side. You guys have 2 days to vote! Sincere apologies to those whom I may have hurt...Keep sending me ur views and insights!!




  1. Mr MKM, you are a fucking genius!, long live KDS, may this site achieve the highest number of hits in blogging history! :D

  2. dude let me tell you, u did a great job! dont effin pay attention to haters...if ppl don like this blog, they can stay off of it. its not fuckin hard to stay off a website u don't like..

    so yahh keep up the good work...whether ur from IF or not, ur a fuckin genius as the person above me said :D

  3. @Anonymous, thanks!!:)

    @awesomeness, thanks buddy...comments like this keep me motivated to keep posting stuff!:)

    @KSG, ROFL...same here dear, we all love u too ;-)

  4. You're awesome MKM!! This is the best thing that has ever happened.
    As for negativity, they say na, jaisi karni vaisi bharni. Mr.grover's antics call for criticism and if his fangirls are hurt by the truth, maybe it's time they stopped idolising a jack-ass like grover.
    You're a genius and I love your sarcastic humour. A big thumbs up to this blog :)

  5. Will you go out with me MKM? :)))

  6. i really really wanna thank u for taking this noble mission in ur hands...i give my fullfledged support to this awesum mission.,,the fucktard womanizer needs to be destroyed!! i wish us gadhe ke sath muft mein his dogs also get slayed!

  7. @ksghater, Thanks a a lot buddy! :)

    @KSG, well I would but I don't go out with lesbians...sorry ;-)

    @Anonymous #2, LOL wow, and ur welcome ;)

  8. Awesomest wowest blog!
    keep it up dudes! u rock.. n let d support grow!
    ; )

  9. u rock buddy :)...more than karan iam pissed by karan protection camp

  10. @LuvDBlogCreator, :) u gotta help us grow supprt!! :D

    @Anonymous#3, Yup same here!!

  11. this is too good , can I call myself KSG Annihilator

  12. I gained respect for you for the last part of you post, your blog is improving, because now its actually getting funny, versus harsh or negative..

  13. pinkisluv92, I will try, thanks!

    @Anonymous#4, Sure lol

    @Anonymous #5...hey Im glad :) I never wanted it to be harsh or negative, its all for fun! but good that you like this now :D

  14. you rock man, please add new articles say daily


  15. Anonymous#440, its getting hard now man...im a little busy with work but will update whenever I get time, mostly on weekends though :)

    You guys can keep sending me stuff at KDSians@gmail.com and it will uploaded the next day! :D

  16. KSG Fucks every Fucking Street Bitches. .Now i am worried because i have a bitch too in the kennel who is not safe. .who knows what that horney asshole could do to that poor bitch of mine. ..LOL

    KSG lovers have to understand this guy`s condition

    He is mental torture for every women .. First he betrayed Barkha then shradhha and now necole.. .and who will be fourth in line??? ... who else than that bitch Piglet ......

    hats of to this site :P

  17. lol...though i personally feel if there is something stupid called KPS...then there should be a KDS too!!

    But the question is a nonentity like KSG...does he worth of such kind of attention??...i dont think so

    But your blog is definately funny...thanks for entertaining us

  18. Omg this is fucking awesome...hilarious
    excellent job..Thumbs up

    KDS Jai Ho
    Kutta Gober and his Fan fals down down!!

  19. KDS JAI HO!!!!!

    I am so enjoying the fun!!!

  20. MKM ki jai ho god bless u