Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wikipedia Entry!

HEELLLOOOO people! Ahhh its been too long since I updated this hasn't it?
Apologize for the inactivity on the blog guys, no time to make new creations and update often nowadays!

But you know whats crazy? Even though the blog hasn't moved an inch since about 4-5 months, new visitor traffic comes in EVERYDAY! The widget on the right shows visitor information and its insane so many people visit everyday :D

Anyway, I made this post specially to address that we have gotten ourselves a Wikipedia entry in the article of his lowness, KSG himself! It has been on there for more than 2 days now. And hopefully will stay there before some of his phangirls try and take it out :P here's a snapshot...

I guess that's it folks...oh and looking at the stats of this blog, its safe to declare we have surpassed the KPS(KSG Protection Squad)...

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  1. we miss u mkm...plz go on an upload rage like u did back in the day :P or maybe just wait for ksg to appear in a popular show like big boss

    but yeahs, KDS rocks...jai ho.

  2. ^ Mega fail!
    Bought it back up. LOL

  3. That son of bitch is still manipulating minds of fanwhore bitches of India Forums ? That gay lord needs to be locked up in prison with her slutty fan bitches.

    Keep the blog upto date

  4. CMG Fanbots plead to remove this page. Oh well
    the day when the whores of Karan Protection Squad quit sleeping over with this pimp, KDS would end.