Sunday, February 6, 2011

"So who the hell is this KDS creator"

Okay so I see this question popping up on that forum website and also got numerous emails asking me the same. Not gonna lie but one of them even offered to donate me $50 to run a proper website :)

But get over it, I shall not be named. Refer to me as the "Mystery KDS Maker"...the "MKM"...

PS: A very special thanks to Emptiness, Pulwasha, DharmeshSir, monami18385, axeion, zainab25, Meena1, ruky786, debayon, Rapier and anyone I might have missed for your constant support to my blog!

Let the haters hate KSG, let the lovers love KDS ;)


  1. What is a KSG heater? Or is this site also for his closet bed warmers?

    Either way I don't think anyone 'saving' KSG should be an issue because as we all know only 'Jesus' saves, and Ke$has necklaces don't count really.

    Have fun thoust who shalt not be nameth.

  2. return_to_hades:
    KSG Heaters and Bed Warmers :O I guess you are in the wrong section, the only heaters we know of, are lil room heaters to keep us warm in this wintery weather :)) Maybe you need to seek solace in KPS, and maybe they can enlighten thou with supreme powers of KSG and his Heaters!!!

    Either way, Neither do I think anyone "killing" KSG should be an issue because as we all know only 'Satan' kills, and Kesha's necklaces do count afterall.

    Have fun thoust who has been nameth!!!

  3. Return to hades I'm sorry if you don't like this blog but I completely agree with MKM and the only people who are spreading negativity are the fans with their obsession over that harami kutta

  4. Hahaha is that RTH or am I seeing things?
    Dear, this is the bestest blog in the history of blogs. so go show ur smartness somewhere else.
    and don't tell me u have heard the word "heaters" for the 1st time!